Danger League: Winter's Oracle

Winter's Oracle
The birth of Danger League

After traveling your way through the realm, Wintertide resided in all of your interest because of the recent grave-robbing mystery. Especially with the heartache the town had over Torin, the local town hero who saved the village from a spreading illness. With a little time, and the help of Torin’s sister Tawni, all of you grouped together to find whoever responsible, setting off in the direction of a watchtower. But before you all could reach it, the mists of snow brought forth several undead- including what you assumed to be Torin, who carried his signature shield alongside of him.

In the midst of a heated battle, when many were struggling to help Ganja as he tried to break free from Torin’s strength, a spear came roaring through the gray skies, piercing Torin’s head just above Ganja’s nose. They turned to see a lengthy figure behind them, saving them from their peril but bringing more curious characters into the mix of this haphazardly formed guild of adventurers.

As emotions rose over Torin’s curious shield, Darkos took the information they had gathered to the jarl of Wintertide. Although thankful Torin’s body could be reburied, many questions came with it and most of them were out of his range of intellect. Sending you off to free rest and food in the town’s Inn, the jarl set off to see others about what Darkos and the guild had told him.

It has been a full night here at Wintertide. Talborn has most of the village inside his tavern, while the smells of ale fill the air and you can still feel the chill of the cold outside seep into the shack’s wood, despite the small fire going. Everyone’s bellies are full of good food and laughter, and seemingly the village’s spirits are gathered because of your new formed guild.

But to all of you, questions and disturbing thoughts of what you had witnessed out beyond the village remain. The walking dead is in itself a serious thing- but the shield made emotions rise. No on in the village seems to talk openly about it but Tawni, and the regular shopkeepers refuse to buy it (aka: Wendy from Wendy’s Wonders)

From talking to Tawni, Darkos and Ganja discovered that they may be able to find more details about Torin’s shield from someone in Titetrun City, a city located a week’s travel away from Wintertide. Torin’s sister had advised to talk to who you came to know as Terisa, who contained a map to the city. Whether the guild then determines to follow their new lead is now up to you…

After a full rest and a new lead in Wintertide, the guild begins on their travel to Titetrun city. Walking through the peaks and valleys of this cold terrain is tedious but manageable. Their steps are deep within the snow as they pass scattered pines and isles of brush. Finally, they arrive through a small thicket of woods, and their luck turns sour under the howls of wolves. The guild is caught between a pack and an old cabin. Try as they must, their courage is almost immediately struck down as they try and fight their way through the pack. In the heat of battle, a small blue gnome emerges from the brush to try and save them, but ultimately gets knocked out in the process. Eventually their strength pushed through their enemies and the pelts of the wolves were used as warmth and a sign of relieved victory.

Proceeding through the cabin they find it abandon and mysterious. The cold creaks through the rickety wood, even colder as they witness the old blood stained floor, as it’s maroon stain crept across the floorboards to the fireplace. Although haunting, the guild’s only option is to use it for a safe house to rest and bring back health to the blue gnome who had mustered enough strength to aid them.

Upon looking around the cabin, Darkos found an old journal which proceeded to tell him about an old adventurer named Jerimiah Oakensald from The Company of Falling Stars. Its pages filled with stories of his adventures, and the reason why he even became one: to follow in his father’s footsteps. But things grew harsh in his coming times, and before he left the guild to become a logger, he received an old weapon passed down from his father, Eli, who received it from someone (zehir?). Either way, he was grateful for the gift. The journal then rambles on about his new weapon and how precious it has become to him. Further exploration then tells of a man named Torin coming to his cabin in search of help. He fears that Torin has come for his father’s weapon, and so must hurry to get Torin out before it’s too late…

Upon reading the journal the guild correlates this to the town hero they saved. He may not have been such a good man after all.

The blue gnome- who ironically enough is named Blu- makes recovery and the guild now packs up with their new found member. As they inspect the outsides of the cabin, a terrible howl in the distance catches their attention, followed by dismembered body parts and eventually a terrible beast they come to realize is a Yeti. Arabella, intrigued and disgusted by this beasts devouring nature, leaps for the opportunity of battle and engages the guild in the terrible feat of slaying the Yeti.

Luckily, though battered and bruised, the guild conquers the beast before the sounds of more Yetis pierce the gray veil of snow. They make a run for it back to the cabin, as a haunting night with much noise and proceeding footprints surround them.

As they travel onward, their weakening luck seems to get all the worse, for upon an old watchtower they discover where their Yeti had come from, the beast’s serving Kobolds not knowing why it had not returned soon meet the face of their killer- an enraged dragonborn with the hunger for blood and glory.

Upon defeating the kobolds, the top of the watchtower held more unraveled horrors and secrets, as they came upon a sacrificial table, still decorated with its victim. Black books, mysterious symbols, and a letter of someone named ‘O.A’ that Blu’s home village had been destroyed…


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